As I worked in developing aviation safety processing, I identified multiple areas where automation would be a great solution. Not only in making the team working on report processing happier, but also greatly improve data quality and quantity.

First I looked into current tooling in use and found out quickly that they were lacking in capabilities. Next I looked into other safety processing tools in the market and did not see these type of capabilities in other tools either. I refused to give up and decided to look into robotic process automation. I was able to create workflows for the robot that would fix common issues with the data and extract information from multiple sources. Being the tech head I am, I was excited developing my new shiny robot. Also the team processing reports was happy by the reduced workload and better data quality.

But, there was a catch. The robot was clicking on the safety processing tool's window by using coordinates. So, if the user interface changed at all, the robot would break. A random windows update dialog could cause major issues. Debugging and developing soon became a chore. Some really simple tasks were really hard or impossible to automate due to a complicated user interface. It was time for the robot to be left working on simple tasks and development died down.

This problem kept on nagging me, so I decided to do something about it. And so, the idea of the first correktor product Safety Quality App was born! This is the story of correktor in a nutshell.

If you are working in safety report processing, I bet you are seeing similar issues and opportunities for development with your data and processes. I'd be happy to share ideas and experiences, let's have a chat.

Peter Törnroos

Founder of correktor