Safety Quality App


Safety Quality App  automates safety report processing in Eccairs 2 system.

The app monitors for new reports and once new reports are found, they are processed by rules that are configured in the applications settings.

Templates and smart templates


Using templates speeds up occurrence processing. As there are usually many occurrences that fall under the same type of incident, values for different attributes can be predefined in the Safety Quality App. Once a template has been selected, the occurrence will be automatically populated by the app with predefined set of information. This information can include classifications and specific text/values to specified attributes.

Smart templates

By using smart templates, the app will automatically select a template that will be applied when preprocessing occurrences. Selecting the template is based on rules that can be customized. An example of a rule: word "bird" is mentioned in the title of the occurrence and "Birdstrike" template will be used that will classify the event as a birdstrike.

Automated data correction

Use case examples

Automated data addition

Use case examples

Set attribute values based on rules

Rules can be defined to set attribute values based on another attribute value.

Use case example

Workload sharing

Processing of occurrences can be shared among personnel processing the occurrences. Safety Quality App can share the workload among persons working on occurrences by predefined percentages.

Occurrence classification with machine learning

Classifying occurrences in multiple Eccairs classes is a great use case for machine learning. A model will be created by using historical data on how occurrences have been classified and based on this model, a high accuracy of correct classifications can be predicted. As the classifications in the Eccairs taxonomy are complex and thus the classifications selected by the reporter are usually not correct, machine learning can provide a good prediction for the occurrence processor and reduce the workload needed to reclassify the occurrence.

The machine learning model can be created on premise without a need for specialized GPU capabilities. Also, the model that will run in production can be hosted on premise without a need to send occurrence data to external AI service providers.


Customize the app to meet your workflow and add additional capabilities that are not included out-of-the-box. Complex rules can be created to fit your needs.

Data security by design

The Safety Quality Application does not save any occurrence data to logs or other areas in the application. Only references to attribute ID's are logged for auditing and issue troubleshooting purposes. This significantly reduces risk of leaking confidential information in case of a security breach.

On-premise or SaaS

Select the solution that best fits your needs. The application can be hosted and maintained by us or it can be installed and hosted on premise.


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